Top 6 designs to be printed on limited edition Ayam Brand sardines cans, to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday.
I have been living in Singapore for several years, and what inspires me the most about this little island has always been the hawker centers. To me, they are such an iconic symbol of Singapore. Not only it is where you can find all kinds of amazing food, local or international, it is also a place that gathers all sides of life in Singapore. The noise of dishes clanking, the loud conversations of people talking and making orders, the smiles and laughters on their faces, their happy cheers, the mouth-watering smell of food, the colorful plates, the giant glass of Teh Peng, etc.; They are so noisy, yet so peaceful. All these little, very ordinary and simple things speak out so well about the culture diversity and the people of Singapore.  This is an illustration of this favorite place of mine, with red and white as main colors to represent the Singapore flag.
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