Multidisciplinary artist and designer, Lily Le’s work plays across a spectrum of mediums from traditional canvas to interactive digital media.
Since a young age, Lily has been obsessed with crafting visuals, and has found tremendous joy in bringing ideas to life. Her obsession for detail, careful observation and unrestricted imagination influence her style of work: distinctive, surreal, detail-heavy, and weird at times. Lily’s work lives on opposite ends of the spectrum, moving from black ink on white canvas to an explosion of colours. 

Currently, she designs and leads as a part of the Pixel Dreams collective – a branding agency specializing in strategy, design and communication.

Lily is a Hanoian / Torontonian. If you don’t find her at a local joint dancing to underground music, she’s probably drinking hot, black, coffee.

See more art on Instagram @lilyleart.
For work & collaboration, please email:
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